My Picture Book, YOU’RE MY BOO, has a Cover!

Updated: Apr 24

I got to see the cover of my picture book, YOU’RE MY BOO, set to be published by Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster Summer 2016. My world stopped spinning. I had to remind myself to breathe. YOU’RE MY BOO’s illustrator, Lesley Breen Withrow, is my new superhero.

“Dinner?” “No thanks. I’m looking at my cover.”

“Movie?” “No thanks. I’m looking at my cover.”

“Bed?” “No thanks. I’m looking at my cover.”

I cannot stop looking at it. For real. Even if I manage to escape its hold, I find myself back at the screen, fighting happy tears. I love it so much I want to:

  • Build it out of Legos

  • Tattoo it on my body

  • Wallpaper my car. . .my house. . .the world with it!

I’m not sure when I get to share it with you, but I can’t wait.


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