Nora Thompson – Congrats, Girl!

Updated: Apr 24

At our WPA SCBWI conference, illustrators had the chance to submit images for review. After lunch, we projected their art onto a big screen so all attendees could hear the editors and agent critique each piece. When Nora Thompson’s work hit the wall, a collective ‘WOW’ escaped from the crowd and from the professionals on the panel.

So much gushing ensued that one writer friend said to me, “I feel bad for the other illustrators.” “WHY?!?” I yelled.

Shouldn’t we be inspired by someone else’s success? Shouldn’t we feel a new zip-zap-pow to take our work to the next level? Feel bad?!? No. Not a chance.

I hope Nora and her art give you a little extra oomph as you work today because that’s what she does for me (and I appreciate and thank her for it).

Congrats, girl! I predict we’ll be celebrating you at NY SCBWI. . .

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