Okay, so while I wait. . .what should I do?

My friend and critique partner asked me this question after she submitted her requested material:

Okay, so while I wait. . .what should I do?

Writing is hard. HARD, I tell you. (It’s super-fun, too, but mostly it’s hard.) After working really, REALLY hard on a manuscript for days or months or years, you finally submit it. It doesn’t really matter if you submit it to your agent or your editor, there’s still a waiting-to-hear-back period that’s a special form of torture.

The second after you hit ‘send’ you’ll begin a wild ride of euphoria vs. depression. Exhale. “She’s going to love it, love-love-love it!!! She’s probably figuring out a way to send wine to my doorstep right this second to thank me for writing it. Maybe I should call her to tell her I’d much prefer champagne.” Inhale. “She hates it. It’s an embarrassing pile of blech. Why, WHY did I even waste my time writing it when I could have been doing something more sensible, like ironing? Maybe I should call her to apologize for being such a dumb dummy.” I’ve found the best way to combat these ridiculous mood swings is to start writing something new. It’s a great time to read, too – maybe try something new in your genre, or try a different genre. And/or, watch a movie – maybe something like Big Eyes – something indie and artsy that will fill you up creatively. If all else fails, there’s chocolate, of course. And puppy kisses. Thank God for puppy kisses!

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