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The Waiting and the Cookies

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Waiting to hear news – any news at all – after submitting a manuscript is a special form of torture. Here’s what I’ve done so far today to distract myself from refreshing my email every 2 seconds:

  • Took my puppy for a looooooong walk

  • Ate a cookie

  • Started reading Cynthia Lord’s fabulous middle grade novel, A HANDFUL OF STARS

  • Ate a cookie

  • Started writing a new manuscript

  • Ate a cookie

  • Worked on the WPA SCBWI Fall Conference

  • Ate a cookie

  • Wrote a gushy ‘I love you and your work’ Facebook message to Mike Curato

  • Ate a cookie

  • Talked to my enormously talented and supportive critique partner, Jessica Young

  • Tried to eat a cookie, but I couldn’t.

There are no more cookies in this house. And still. . .no news. Gah!

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