Puppy Love

9 Jun

We got a baby girl boxer!           I assumed the boys would love her, and they do.           But she’s melting all of us.           I can’t imagine she won’t work her way into a new manuscript soon.    

Katerina’s Wish by Jeannie Mobley

8 Apr

I am reading Jeannie Mobley’s KATERINA’S WISH to my boys, who are six and eight.     The back of the book reads: What would I wish for, if I had a wish? I took a deep breath to quell the pang of homesickness in my heart, and I spoke. “I wish for a farm where […]

Worst Blog Updater Ever

17 Jan

I’m the worst blog updater ever. I know. Sorry. But I do have some good excuses for not posting here since September:   I’m *almost* finished with a draft of a new novel. (By *almost* I mean “just about”. Honestly. . .)   I’ve eaten all the chocolate chips. (Maybe not all the chocolate chips […]

WPA SCBWI Fall Conference

21 Sep

Mark you calendars! Book a babysitter! Hoard some chocolate! Whatever you need to do to get ready for the WPA SCBWI Fall Conference, do it! What? WPA SCBWI Fall Conference Where? Doubletree Hotel in Greentree, PA When? Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2013 I’ll be running a workshop (hooray!), and guess what? We have an […]

John David Anderson’s SIDEKICKED – Better (Way Better!) Than an Obstacle Thingie

10 Jul

When I first saw the obstacle thingie at the pool, I thought: It can’t be that tricky.   My boys cheered: “Do it, Mom! Pleeeease!”     I grabbed hold of the rope ladder, imagining I was on American Ninja Warrior. I was doing  kind of okay – about half way across – when my husband, […]

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

24 Jun

The Next Big Thing is a global blog tour to showcase authors and illustrators and their current work. I was tagged by the dazzling Jessica Young. I’ll answer the interview questions as they relate to my first under contract “Big Thing”. 1. What is the working title of your next book? YOU’RE MY BOO 2. […]

MY BLUE IS HAPPY by Jessica Young

13 Jun

I am super-excited to share the big, fat news that you can pre-order Jessica Young’s MY BLUE IS HAPPY. (I love Jess and her writing, and I am completely confident that you will, too.)   Follow one girl’s journey through her neighborhood as she explores what colors mean to different people. ls red angry, like a dragon’s burning breath? […]

I Guest Blogged for Easyread!

12 Mar

Check Out These Books: A Suggested Reading List for Kids Education.com Falling into a book – relating to a character or a place or a concept – has the power to change a child’s life. Don’t we all remember that one book where we found ourselves? A book can allow a child to see the […]

I’m in PARENTS magazine! Woohoo!!!

18 Feb

Higher Ground The steep hill leading to my new home mocked me. But I had baby weight to lose, and I was determined to conquer it. By Kate Dopirak from Parents Magazine While I was in the hospital after giving birth to our first son, Joey, my husband wanted to make an offer on a […]

Toasting Joe

16 Jan

At my brother’s 40th birthday party, lots of people made toasts: our parents, our uncle, our friend, our sister – the list goes on and on. But, not me. I wimped out – missing the chance to chat up my big bro in front of some of the most important people in his life. And […]